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Kimberly Anne Scott, born January 9, 1975, is a prominent American author and entrepreneur who is well recognized as Eminem’s wife. She is an author, illustrator, and the author of numerous books. Kimberly Anne rose to the spotlight for her relationship with the renowned American rapper.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Kimberly Anne Scott
Date of Birth:January 9, 1975
Place of Birth:Warren, Michigan
State of Origin:Michigan
Occupation:Author & Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$2 million
Husband/Spouse:Eminem (div)
Kimberly Anne Scott Biography
Kimberly Anne Scott

Early Life and Education

Kimberly Anne Scott in Warren, Michigan on January 9, 1975. She was raised by her mother Kathleen Sluck, along with her twin sister, Dawn Scott. Her father’s name is Casimer Sluck.

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When she first met Eminem, he was 15 while Kimberly Anne Scott was 13 years old.

Kimberly Anne Scott began and completed her elementary education before proceeding to Lincoln High school.


Kimberly Anne Scott is an author and illustrator. She is an expert in her profession and the author of numerous publications.

However not much information is revealed about her professional career as the ex husband, Eminem.

Personal Life

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott first spoke when she was 13 and he was 15. After some time of dating, they welcomed their first child, Hailey Marthas, in 1995. They were wed in 1999.

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As their marriage deteriorated, they later experienced some marital problems, and Kim was caught kissing a bouncer in a nightclub.

After hitting the bouncer, Eminem was taken into custody for assault. In his album The Kiss, he subsequently reenacted the incident.

He was then accused of assault and having a hidden weapon, and he admitted to both charges. After that, he released his song, Kim, in which he tells the tale of killing Kim in retaliation for the relationship.

At his show, which she and her sister attended, he allegedly made a vow not to play the song, but he did. Kim stormed out indignantly after being humiliated and dejected, and she later had a vehicle accident.

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Kimberly Anne Scott net worth
Kimberly Anne Scott husband

Later, she slashed her wrist in an attempt to end her life. She was then given a one-year probationary term and a $900 fine.

Following that, Kim sued Eminem for defamation while he filed for divorce. Later on, they made amends and decided to call off the divorce.

Kimberly Anne Scott filed for divorce in 2001, and on October 11th, 2001, the divorce became official. With a man named Eric Hartter, she gave birth to Whitney Scott Mathers in 2002.

Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth

Kimberly Anne Scott is a popular American internet personality, author, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $2 million.

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