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Michel Stern, born in 1958, is a French advertising executive who rose to prominence by being the husband of the American actress, writer, and producer Lisa Kudrow. He was born in France before relocating to the United States to pursue his advertising career.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Michel Stern
Date of Birth:1958
Place of Birth:France
Occupation:Advertising Executive
Net Worth:$1.1 million
Wife:Lisa Kudrow
Michel Stern Biography
Michel Stern

Early Life and Education

Michel Stern was born in 1958 in France. No information regarding his early life, childhood has been made public.

He grew up in France before he moved to the United States in order to pursue a career in advertising which he became a professional in the field.

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Frenchman Michel Stern relocated to the US to pursue a career in advertising. Stern eventually succeeded in the advertising sector after a few years of adversity.

Stern had a prosperous career, but he was not yet well-known. Only in the latter half of the 1980s did he start to get some notoriety.

His relationship with well-known TV star Lisa Kudrow made headlines when Lisa’s portrayal of Phoebe Buffay in the smash comedy “FRIENDS” became a major success.

The couple’s connection has since been followed by the media. In 1995, Stern and Lisa wed after their relationship withstood the test of time and fame.

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Michel Stern Net Worth

Michel Stern’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.1 million. He is a well-known advertising executive based in the United States.

Michel Stern Net Worth

Michael Stern wife
Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow

Personal Life

Currently, Michel Stern is married to well-known TV actress Lisa Kudrow. When Michel was dating Lisa’s roommate in the late 1980s, the couple first met one another.

Nevertheless, after their first encounter, the couple felt an immediate attraction to one another. However, they tried to suppress their feelings so as not to offend Lisa’s friend.

After a while, Michel broke up with her roommate and stopped communicating with Lisa. However, fate had other plans for the couple as they ran into one another again after a six-year absence and chose to pursue a relationship this time.

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Before he started dating the well-known actress Lisa Kudrow in the 1990s, Michel Stern led a routine life. Before meeting Lisa, Michel’s past was hardly ever brought up in conversation.

He was still not as well-known as he is now, though. He didn’t start getting notice from the media until he began dating Lisa Kudrow, a rising star in the world of television.

The popularity of Lisa as Phoebe Buffay in the hit comedy “FRIENDS” was growing daily, and her admirers were interested in her love life. Her bond with Michel became apparent at that point.

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