Adeola Fayehun Biography, Net Worth, Career, Family

Adeola Fayehun Biography, Net Worth, Career, Family 1

Here is Adeola Fayehun biography with information you need to know about the famous Nigerian journalist.

The name “Adeola Fayehun” may not be familiar with you, but after reading this biography you will know a lot about the personality.

Who is Adeola Fayehun?

Adeola Eunice Oladele Fayehun who is best know as Adeola Fayehun is a Nigerian popular journalist who is specialized in discussing the geopolitical, social and Economic issue that affect the daily lives of the Africans.

Adeola Fayehun is well know for the controversial 2015 on-street, interviewed where she and her fellow Sahara TV journalist, Omoyele Sowore asked Zimbabwen president, Mr. Robert Mugabe about when he would be stepping doing from office.

Adeola Fayehun biography

In 2013, she interviewed former Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan, on the street of new York, asking him what he was doing about the on-going Boko Haram insurgency.

Adeola Fayehun works from New York City for the Sahara Reporters for where she writes about Africa politics. Oyewele Sowore regularly host a satirical news show on YouTube called Keepings It Real With Adeola which is produced and published on the Sahara TV YouTube channel.

Adeola Fayehun Biography

NameAdeola Fayehun Oladele
Date of Birth6th, July,1984.
Spouse (s)Victor fayehun.
ResidentNew York, United States.
OccupationJournalist, Blogger, YouTuber.

Early Life and Education

Fayehun was born on the 6th July, 1984 to Rev. (Dr.) Solomon Ajayi Oladele and Margaret Ibiladun Oladele, she is the youngest of the number 6 of her siblings and of Yoruba decent in the South-Western Nigeria and speak the language (Yoruba) frequently.

She started her tertiary educational level in Nigeria, but later forwarded to the United States of America in 2003, after gaining a scholarship through the national Association of Congeregation Christian Churches.

Adeola fayehun biography

In 2007, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass communication and Journalism from the Ovilet College in ovilet Michigan.

While in school, Adeola Fayehun works as a writer in the Ovilet College newspaper. Adeola Fayehun founded the Ovilet College Tv studio as part of her school project.

In 2008, she received a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from CUNY graduated from the school of journalism.


Adeola Fayehun started working as a TV news producer at the CUNY TV after her graduation. During the period she wrote and produced a feature on the Sahara reporters Omoyele Sowore.

After the feature, she proceeded on working with Sowore in behind the scenes capacity at Sahara Reporters.

In 2011, Adeola Fayehun began her satire news program, “Keeping It Real With Adeola,” the show was 30 minutes long and featured, Fayehun reporting often in characters, on various African news.

The focus of the show is reporting political issues to the Africa and of interest to the dispora community.

Adeola fayehun biography

For the first 150 episode of the show created over a three year was edit, written and published by Fayehun.

Often compared to comedian Jon Stewart, Fayehun used satires and comedy to explain news event work in-self produced video.

Fayehun also work as a foreign correspondent for the Nation, a Nigerian national daily newspaper in Lagos, Nigeria. Fayehun founded the online resources, African spotlight.

Net Worth

Adeola Fayehun’s net worth is an estimated $1-5 Million. She earned money as a YouTuber and reporting journalist.

Adeola Fayehun biography wouldn’t be complete if her net worth is not included.

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Personal Life

Adeola Fayehun get married to Victor Fayehun in Nigeria.

Adeola and her husband founded a non-profit foundation KIRWA Foundation, which provides aids to terminal ill in Nigeria.

Social Media Handle

You can connect with Adeola Fayehun on social media

  • Facebook; Adeola Fayehun
  • Instagram; @adeola fayehun.
  • Twitter; @adeola fayehun.

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