Taylor Dowd Simpson Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Career, Webb Simpson, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Taylor Dowd Simpson Biography
Taylor Dowd Simpson

Taylor Dowd Simpson Biography

Taylor Dowd Simpson formerly known as Taylor Dowd Keith, is the wife of Webb Simpson, the Masters golfer. She is a professional actress who is best known for portraying Lucille in “Monter’s Ball” (2001), and Gray Bony Lady in “The Hawk is Dying”

Despite being an actress, Taylor has been absent from the scene for quite some time. She is currently putting her efforts on her marriage, family and other things

Taylor Dowd Simpson is affectionately known as Dowd by her family (including her husband). With respect to her beauty, she has been dubbed as one of the 10 hottest PGA Tour wives and girlfriends

Wiki Profile

Real Name:Taylor Dowd Simpson
Date of BirthOctober 30, 1984
Place of Birth:Charlotte, West Carolina
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth$25 million

Early Life and Childhood

Taylor Keith was born in Charlotte, West Carolina, on October 30, 1984.

Gerg Keith (father) and India Early Keith (mother) gave birth to her (mother). Dowd is the parents’ eldest child, and she has four siblings.

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Furthermore, she was born in the United States. In addition, according to her horoscope, she is a Scorpio. Her horoscope describes her as a woman who is strong-willed, brave, loyal, secretive, and ambitious.

She is determined, and once she decides she wants something, she will go after it no matter what obstacles stand in her way.


Taylor Dowd Keith studied Communication and Theater at Wake Forest University. She took part in numerous plays.

Surprisingly, she met her husband through a mutual friend while studying at the same college. From there, the epic love story of Webb Simpson and Taylor Keith began.

Career and Motherhood

Taylor Dowd Simpson Biography
Taylor Simpson and Family

Taylor aspired to be an actor. She continued her acting career after graduating from the theater in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

She also appeared in several plays, including Romeo and Juliet.

However, life does not always provide us with everything we desire. We must sometimes abandon our dreams due to unforeseen circumstances.

Taylor Dowd Simpson experienced the same thing.

She took a break from acting after her marriage to Webb Simpson. She became so preoccupied with housework and children that she was unable to act during her career time.

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She didn’t want to miss out on the small moments with her children as a mother.

She wanted to be there for them on their first walk, first word, first day of school, and as a wife, she wants to be a part of her husband’s every success.

Taylor was a rock behind Webb Simpson during his difficult times. She might not be an actress today; she might be a regular housewife.

But she has developed her own identity and maintained her individuality, and most importantly, she is content with what she is doing.

She enjoys being with her family and spending time with them.

Personal Life

Taylor Dowd Simpson Biography
Taylor and Husband, Webb Simpson

Taylor Dowd Keith is happily married to Webb Simpson.

Taylor Dowd Keith and Webb Simpson met through a mutual friend at Wake Forest University. Webb and Taylor’s brother were best friends, but they didn’t meet through him. They didn’t know each other at first.

Webb was friends with Taylor’s brother and would frequently visit their home, but they never spoke.

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Webb’s father was responsible for beginning their love story. Webb’s father offered $100 for her to go on a date with his son. To which Taylor replied;

“If he’s as cute as you, I’ll go for free.”

They began dating after that. They were madly in love with each other and knew they were meant to be.

Webb and Taylor were so compatible; they knew what each other wanted out of life and supported each other through thick and thin.

They split up shortly after finishing college. They were inexperienced and perplexed about everything. They reconnected one year after their breakup.

They got engaged after five months of reunion, and married after another five months. They have a lovely family of their own. They have five children, A son and five daughters. She took a break from acting to care for her husband and children.

Their first child and only son, James, was born in 2011. Willow Grace is their first daughter. Soon after that, Augusta (the second daughter) was born. In May 2016, Mercy, the third daughter, was born. Two years later, precisely in 2018, their youngest daughter was born.

Webb and Taylor Dowd Simpson currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

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