Solomon Yankari Biography: Age, Profile, Family & Net Worth


We bring you the biography of Solomon Yankari with vital information about the Gulder Ultimate Search contestant.

Solomon Yankari is a reality TV star whose passion and hardwork is unmatched.

Solomon Yankari Biography

Solomon Yankari born 1995, is a fitness instructor, personal trainer and Gulder Ultimate Search contestant.

Yankari came into limelight in September 2021, after she was announced as one of the contestants of the Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show.

Solomon Yankari Age

Solomon Yankari is 26 years old.


Yankari is a fitness trainer who owns a fitness centre in Bauchi state.

Solomon Yankari Net Worth

He is one of the contestants of the prestigious Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show, although his net worth has not been estimated yet.

What he has to Say

Solomon Yankari loves to explore that’s why he hikes and organises boot camps for fitness enthusiasts.

He says he is working towards building a fitness and music community and plans to build one of the biggest fitness brands in Africa that offers health and fitness services if he wins the N50 million prize.


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