Sheena Gakpe Biography: Age, Husband, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Instagram, Net worth, Wiki

Sheena Gakpe Biography
Sheena Gakpe

Many Ghanaian ladies like Sheena Gakpe have risen to fame on social media over the years due to their lovely performances and talents in acting and modeling. The emergence of these new talented young and beautiful ladies has given rise to modeling competitions.

Interestingly, before Hajia Bintu could say jack, another lady who bears the name Sheena Gakpe has popped up. The young woman, whose full name is Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe, is causing a stir on social media after photos of her surfaced online showing her huge curves.

Let us have a look at the Bio of this hot Ghanaian that has taken over social media by a storm with her curves.

Sheena Gakpe Biography

Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe is a Ghanaian actress, accountant, TV commercial model and brand influencer who went viral after a friend posted a photo of her in a hot pose exposing her large backside.

Sheena is from Abutia-Teti, a town in Ghana’s Volta Region.

Dzigbordi’s photos have sparked comparisons to Hajia Bintu in terms of who has a more defined figure.

Sheena Dzigbordi is said to be more endowed than popular Hajia Bintu, who rose to prominence solely because of her nyash.

Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe is one of the most sought-after Ghanaian models at the moment. The beautiful Ewe girl is arguably the hottest new Ghanaian model on social media. Sheena’s photos on her official Instagram page speak volumes of her stunning beauty.

Like most young talents, she has taken advantage of social media, particularly TikTok, to popularize her talent. She also shows off her curves. Sheena Gakpe knows how to keep her fans engaged on her Instagram account, where she has amassed a huge number of followers.

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Wiki Profile

Real Name:Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe
Date of BirthApril 28
Place of Birth:Ewe, Abutia-Teti
Marital Status:Single
Occupation:Actress, Model and Brand Influencer
Net Worth$50,000

Early Life and Education

Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe is from Abutia-Teti, a town in Ghana’s Volta Region. Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe is a beautiful Ewe lady who has rise to fame with her huge backside and curvaceous body. Her name in Ewe means “Patience”

Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe was born on April 28 and she had her secondary school education at Ola girls senior high school and proceeded to the Ghana Technology University College where she studied Accounting for her first degree (2014 – 2018).


Sheena Gakpe Biography
Sheena Gakpe

Many people on social media have been drawn to Dzigbordi’s photos because of her beautiful curvy body.

Sheena’s popularity has risen in response to the publication of some stunning photos of her on social media.

Sheena is shown in the photos flaunting her massive curves and hourglass figure.

This has indeed built a portfolio for her on social media which boost her chances of being one of Ghana’s Social Media influencer and may win her lots of modeling deals in months to come.

Sheena Gakpe has been compared to the likes of Hajia Bintu and Abena Cilla for her big backside.

She is a model and video vixen; she has been featured in several music videos. She came to the limelight on the social media platforms where she posts her pictures online.

Her videos have gone viral on the video-sharing platform, Tik Tok, with lots of shares online.

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Personal Life

Sheena Gakpe is a Ghanaian actress, and model popularly known for her curvy figure. She is yet to reveal the details of her relationship but subsequently, who she is dating will soon be revealed.

Sheena Gakpe Biography
Sheena Gakpe

Social Media

Sheena Gakpe is active on social media. She has over 137k followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @SheenaGakpe

Twitter: @Sheenagakpe

Tik Tok: @sheenagakpe

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