Abena Cilla Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Picture & Net Worth

Abena Cilla biography, Abena Cilla net worth
Abena Cilla biography, Age, career, education, husband and net worth

Here is Abena Cilla Biography with all the relevant information and untold facts you never knew about the model and entrepreneur.

Beautiful and attractive, Abena Cilla is having a great modeling career, bagging endorsement deals with top brands. In this post you will read everything you need to know about social media sensation.

Abena Cilla is known for her curvy shaped body which she flaunts on Instagram.

Abena Cilla Biography

Abena Cilla born on July 6, is a popular Ghanaian model, video vixen, entrepreneur, and social median influencer.

Abena Cilla grew up with his family in Kumasi where she attended her primary and secondary education.

Abena came into limilight after posting her photos on Instagram which caught the attention of the social media community.

Abena Cilla biography, Abena Cilla net worth

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Career and Education

After her secondary School, she proceeded to an undisclosed university in Ghana where she obtained a degree.

Being a public figure and influencer, she has been featured in comedy skits of top Ghana stars Waris and Chris Teddy and also appeared in music videos on Ghana artists.

Top brands including Anointed Quality Fabrics, Kojo Shoes, Sankofa Digital Painting, Yoni Detox products have all worked with Abena Cilla. She also owns a fashion brand “AC Beauty Place”.

Abena Cilla Net Worth

The net worth of Abena Cilla is $300,000. She makes money through endorsement deals and her fashion brand which deals on wigs, make-up, nails and other fashion products.

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Abena Cilla Boyfriend

Abena is not yet married and is not currently in a relationship as she has not flaunt any man on social media, instead she only talks about her career.

Social Media

Since she rose to spotlight, Abena Cilla Instagram followers has increased to 303k. You can reach her through her handle @abena.cilla.

Abena Cilla pictures

Abena Cilla biography, Abena Cilla net worth
Abena Cilla biography, Abena Cilla instagram
Abena Cilla biography, Abena Cilla net worth
Abena Cilla picture
Abena Cilla age
Abena Cilla boyfriend
Abena Cilla husband
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