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George Farmer, born in 1989, is a famous English businessman, politician, and theology graduate of Oxford University. He was a previous Turning Point UK chairman and an ex-Bullingdon Club member. George Farmer is widely known as Candace Owens’ husband.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:George Farmer
Date of Birth:1989
Place of Birth:London, England
State of Origin:London
Occupation:Businessman & Politician
Net Worth:$180 million
Wife/Spouse:Candace Owens
George Farmer Biography
George Farmer and Candace Owens

Early Life and Education

In 1989, George Farmer was born. George Farmer’s age is a few months older or younger than his wife’s because his actual birthdate isn’t known to the general public.

At the time of this writing, Candace (April 29, 1989) is 33 years old. Jenny Farmer and Lord Michael Farmer, Baron Farmer are George Farmer’s parents (a British businessman, former treasurer of the Conservative Party, and philanthropist).

He has two siblings, and his father is a life peer in the House of Lords, a prestigious assembly of lawmakers that sets national laws.

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George Farmer is a UK native and Oxford graduate. Because of his father’s strict upbringing, he was raised in a slum in Britain.

Lord Michael Farmer later achieved such success in the metal markets that Londoners began to refer to him as “Mister Copper.”

Lord Michael Farmer was able to enroll his child in London’s St. Paul’s School (a private school founded in 1503 and known for educating the British elites).

George graduated with honors from the esteemed Oxford University in Oxfordshire, England, with a degree in Theology.

The husband of Candace Owens was formerly the chairman of Turning Point UK and a member of the Bullingdon Club.


George was a member of the UK Conservative Party and was the party’s youngest-ever Black and White Ball chairperson.

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In 2016, he was also the youngest Leader’s Group member to contribute a minimum of £50,000 annually in exchange for exclusive access to the Prime Minister. The husband of Candace Owens is a vocal conservative who is anti-EU.

His anti-EU sentiments led him to switch his political allegiance to the Brexit Party.

Most of the political opinions of the husband and wife are similar. Candace hasn’t responded to his description of the EU as “a poisonous, socialist, genocidal superstate.” At the moment, George works for a hedge firm.

George Farmer wife
George Farmer and wife Candace Owens

George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer is a famous English businessman, theologist, and politician who has a net worth of around $180 million.

Personal Life

The couple first connected at the Turning Point UK soft launch in December 2018, which was attended by a number of important political and social personalities.

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George enjoyed Candace’s tirade against politics. After spending 2.5 weeks getting to know one another, they got engaged and moved into the same apartment.

They grew close because they shared the same opinions and sense of humor, according to Candace. She had the impression that she had known him her entire life.

Farmer said that he fell so deeply in love with her that nothing else mattered. They are now known as The Honorable George and Candace Farmer thanks to his inherited rank.

The union of George Farmer and Candace Owens took place on August 31, 2019, at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia.

There were many well-known politicians present, including Nigel Farage. The political activist posted the most memorable moments from her wedding day on her Instagram feed.

Owens had half-up, half-down hair and was dressed in a white lace gown with sleeves. She chose a modest outfit because of the elegance of the Princess Grace of Monaco.

The princess, in Candace’s opinion, is the most stylish bride in history.

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