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Ryan Terry, born June 11, 1989, better known as Cryaotic, is a famous American YouTuber, video game commentator, and internet personality. He specializes in horror, stealth, adventure, and indie games. Cryaotic enjoys reading short stories, especially those with an online theme.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Ryan Terry
Date of Birth:June 11, 1989
Place of Birth:New York
State of Origin:New York
Net Worth:$2 million
Girlfriend:Cheyenne Avila

Early Life and Education

In New York, Cryaotic was born. He had a difficult childhood, as evidenced by a little segment of his film, “Draw My Life.”

He claims in the video that because his biological father abandoned the family, his mother had to raise him by herself.

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Although he would undoubtedly have been traumatized as a child, he never shows signs of sadness in his videos.

For the same, he doesn’t seek out any pity from his subscribers or supporters.

Cryaotic biography


Cryaotic became well-known after uploading his debut video on March 14, 2006. He started using YouTube when he was 17 years old, which was during his senior year in high school.

He used YouTube as a way to explore his talent at the same time that it unexpectedly became a platform for young people with talent.

He succeeded and quickly gathered a sizable following. His most popular and entertaining series, “Cry Reads,” features him reading short stories called “Creepypastas” and uploading videos and commentary on horror-themed video games.

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His most famous and entertaining series, “Cry Reads,” features him reading short stories dubbed “Creepypastas” and uploading videos and commentary on horror-themed video games.

He makes great use of his great sense of humor in his videos, which keeps his audience interested in seeing more from him.

Prior to his most recent collaboration with YouTuber PewDiePie, he hardly ever made collaborative videos.

No Room in Hell, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Wolf Among Us are among the video games that Cry has produced.

Along with Russ Money, he co-hosts the Twitch variety program “Late Night with Cry and Russ.” He oversaw the Let’s Animate series in 2013.

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YouTube video

Cryaotic Net Worth

Cryaotic is a popular American YouTuber and internet personality who has an estimated net worth of about $2 million.

Personal Life

Cryaotic is rumored to be in a relationship with American Twitch streamer Cheyenne Avila, although it is not clear if they are currently dating.

Cheyenne Avila was able to join the Late Night Twitch staff while frequently attending the event. She is a member of the Late Night Crew and appears as a guest on the show.

Cryaotic’s girlfriend streams her own gameplay on her own Twitch channel. She has more than 20,000 subscribers on a site that serves gamers from all around the world.

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