Bernie Martínez Ocasio Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth, Bad Bunny’s Brother, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend


Bernie Martínez Ocasio, born in the 90s, is a Puerto Rican, who rose to prominence as the younger brother of famous Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny. He is an outstanding internet personality who is known for his fashion lifestyle.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Bernie Martínez Ocasio
Date of Birth:90s
Place of Birth:Puerto Rico
Nationality:Puerto Rican
Occupation:Internet Personality
Net Worth:$500,000
Bernie Martnez Ocasio Biography
Bernie Martnez Ocasio

Early Life and Education

Bernie Martnez Ocasio is the middle kid in a family of five, but it is unknown when exactly he was born.

However, the age difference between them doesn’t seem that great when you realize that Bad Bunny, his older brother, was born in 1994, and it appears that Bernie was also born in the mid-1990s.

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Bernie Martinez Ocasio was born to Lysaurie Ocasio (mother) and Tito Martinez (father) in the Almirante Sur neighborhood of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, just like his brother Bad Bunny (mother).

His mother made a living as a teacher but is now retired, while his father made a living as a truck driver.

She frequently listened to merengue, salsa, and ballads, which inspired Bad Bunny’s taste in music.

Bernie grew up in a generally joyful family where love prevails. His mother reared him as a practicing Catholic. They always stay close to home because the family is well-knit.


It is unknown what institutions Bernie Martnez Ocasio attended in terms of specifics. Similarly, there is no evidence to support his profession.

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As his only claim to fame is his brother’s, he has been completely engulfed by it.

However, this does not imply that Bernie is unemployed. He probably would rather avoid the spotlight.

Bernie Martnez Ocasio boyfriend
Bernie Martnez Ocasio

Personal Life

Bernie Martinez Ocasio has two brothers: Bysael Martnez Ocasio, who is younger, and Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, who is well-known.

Like Bernie, Bysael is not a well-known person, although in his case, some information about his personal life is known.

For starters, the Ocasio family’s youngest child was born in the United States on March 4, 2002. The family may have traveled to the United States when Bernie and Benito were still very little, according to his place of birth.

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Bysael, who bears an eerie likeness to his brother Benito, graduated from the Florida high school Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy where he participated in baseball.

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