Ama Serwaa Dufie Biography: Meet beautiful Ghanaian police officer

ama serwaa dufie biography, ama serwaa dufie net worth
Ama Serwaa Dufie Biography: Age, Photos, Boyfriend, wikipedia and Net Worth

Ama Serwaa Dufie is a popular Ghanaian celebrity police officer, social media influencer, model and entrepreneur. Beautiful and charming, always making her followers happy with her social media posts.

In this Ama serwaa Dufie biography, you will find out untold facts you didn’t know about the curvy shaped Ghanaian celebrity.

Ama Serwaa Dufie Biography

Priscilla Serwaa Dufie born on December 20, 1997, better known as Ama serwaa Dufie is a Ghanaian celebrity, police officer, social media influencer, model and entrepreneur.

She came into spotlight after her beautiful and curvy shaped pictures went viral online which she took advantage to become one of the sought-after brand influencers in Ghana.

Her parents are Mr and Mrs Dufie and she was given birth to in a public hospital in Abesim town, Ghana where she grew up with her parents and siblings.

Ama Serwaa Dufie’s father is an entrepreneur while the mother is a police officer and she decided to follow the footstpes of the mother.

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Ama Serwaa Dufie attended and completed her primary education in a public school in her hometown, Abesim.

She further proceeded to a an undisclosed secondary school in 2013, where she got her West African School Certificate.


While living with her family, Ama Serwaa Dufie followed her mother’s footstep by joining the Ghana Police Force in a bid to serve the Nation.

She came into limelight when she started posting pictures of her beautiful and curvy shape on social media which got people wondering how a police officer will be that beautiful.

Ama Serwaa Dufie became famous overnight after her Instagram followers skyrocked and top brands started rushing to run ads on her Instagram page.

As an entrepreneur, she is the founder and CEO of Serwaa Qualytics, a Ghana based clothing line which has grown massively after it was lauched few years ago.

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She is also an entrepreneur and serves as the CEO of Serwaa Qualytics, a clothing store. The store has sold its products to thousands of customers in Ghana and other West African Countries.

ama serwaa dufie biography, ama serwaa dufie net worth

Ama Serwaa Dufie Net Worth

Ama Serwaa Dufie is a Ghanaian model and police officer. She has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Ama Serwaa Dufie Boyfriend

She is currently single after she broke up with her former boyfriend. However, the brand influence is focus on her career and doesn’t care about relationship at the moment.

Many people are wondering, how can such a beautiful girl be single, but the truth is Ama Serwaa Dufie is not ready for another relationship now.

Social Media

Ama Serwaa Dufie is only only Instagram where she has 91.5k active followers and has been feeding them with stunning photos and videos.

ama serwaa dufie biography, ama serwaa dufie net worth

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