Godfrey Baguma Biography: Ugliest Man in the World, Age, Third Wife, Wikipedia, Disease, Children & Net Worth


Godfrey Baguma Biography

Godfrey Baguma, born in 1973, is a famous Ugandan shoe maker, comedian, and singer widely known for his ugly appearance. He is the only child of his parents. Godfrey Baguma came into the spotlight after winning a competition to find Uganda’s most unusual looking man in 2002. The Ugandan entertainer is known for his face and bagging the award for the ugliest man in the world.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Geoffrey Baguma
Date of Birth:1973
Place of Birth:Uganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Occupation: Entertainer & Shoe Maker
Net Worth:$5,000
Wife: Kate Namanda

Early Life and Career

Godfrey Baguma aka Ssebabi was born in his hometown Uganda, where he grew up with his grandmother after his parents left him because of his looks.

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After his birth, his mother left him after saying that he wasn’t a normal child.

He started mending shoes in his shop. One day, some people approached him and said they had an event at which they wanted him to be a chief guest.

They took his photos with different poses, and he entered the contest for the ugliest man in the world, which he won.

Godfrey Baguma Biography
Picture of Godfrey Baguma

He is also known as Ssebabi, which means the ugliest of them all.

Godfrey Baguma songs are doing well with one of his hit songs Abagala surpassing 13 million views on YouTube.

Godfrey Baguma Net Worth

Godfrey Baguma is a public figure, a popular entertainer, a comedian, and a singer. He has an estimated net worth of $5,000.

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Godfrey Baguma Wife

Ssebabi has been married three times, with children. His first marriage ended over claims of infidelity, and they had two children together.

He remarried in 2013 to Kate Namanda, and the marriage was blessed with five children.

Godfrey Baguma married his third wife in 2020, with their marriage photos trending on social media.

Godfrey Baguma Disease

Godfrey Baguma was diagnosed with a rare condition called fibrodysplasia, which affects the growth and placement of his cells and tissue.

His health can be managed with the correct medication, and it can’t be passed down to his children.

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