Franceska Jace Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Awards, Net Worth, Instagram, Wikipedia, Husband

Franceska Jace Biography
Franceska Jace

Franceska Jace Biography

Franceska Jace is a television icon who rose to prominence as one of the stars of the Albanian version of the popular show ‘Big Brother.’

Franceska Jace has risen to fame and frequently displays her exceptional acting abilities on social media.

The reality star has gained not only popularity as a result of her participation in the popular reality show, but she has also been recognized as an exceptional actress.

Her life and career have been evidence of dedication and hard work. The reality TV star has risen to prominence and is now one of Albania’s most well-known reality television personalities.

Franceska Jace stands at 5 ft 8 in (172 cm)

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Franceska Jace
Date of Birth:December 27, 1993
Place of Birth:Albania
Occupation:Actress, Model, Television Personality
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Husband:Not Married

Early life and Education

Franceska Jace was born on December 27, 1993, in Albania. She spent her childhood in Albania with her family.

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However, not much is known about her family life or childhood. Jace has not shared much information about her early life and education in Albania either.

The Albanian showbiz enthusiast had developed a passion for showbiz right from her tender age.

She has always wanted to make acting one of her careers because of the inner passion she has developed for it since she was a teenager.

This was one of the reasons that made her audition for the reality show, Big Brother Albania as it gave her the platform for her to showcase her talents.

Franceska Jace enjoys traveling and modeling.


Franceska Jace worked in the fashion industry before breaking into the spotlight. Because she had a passion for haute couture and fashion, the reality television personality gained experience in a variety of other fields.

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Prior to her appearance and participation in the reality television show, Franceska Jace was also a model.

Franceska Jace was well-known as an editorial model. Her work as an editorial model helped her establish a name for herself in the industry before being cast in the Albanian reality show.

Franceska Jace rose to prominence after being cast as a contestant in the Albanian version of the reality show ‘Big Brother.’

As her fans and audience rooted for her throughout the show, she eventually became a reality star. She captivated the audience and quickly became a household name.

This talented star is also an actress who has done quite well for herself. Franceska Jace was cast in the film ‘Tirana 14’ and received praise for her acting abilities.

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Franceska Jace has received many awards from different organizations. Some of these awards are from the fashion industry.

This reality star has made a significant impact in the world of dress-making in Albania.

Her exciting and cheerful nature which was very glaring during the reality competition has made her outstanding that is why she is also recognized as one of the most outstanding participants in the reality show ‘Big Brother’.

The reality star was well-grounded in the sphere of business before participating in the reality show.

Franceska Jace Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Career, Awards, Net Worth, Instagram, Wikipedia, Husband

Personal Life

While they were still in the Big Brother house, Franceska Jace seems to have built a love affair with fellow housemate and Big Brother Albania 5 contestant Ermal Merdani while they were still in the Big Brother house. Even after the show had ended, the two were still together.

Currently, Franceska’s relationship status is undisclosed and she is said to be single and not married.

Franceska Jace Net Worth

Franceska Jace’s has amassed net worth estimated to be $1.5 million.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @franceskajace
  • Twitter: @Franceskajace
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