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Airyn Ruiz Bell is a popular Filipino internet personality and celebrity wife. She rose to prominence as the wife of Art Bell, an American broadcaster and presenter. Airyn Ruiz Bell was born and raised in the United States.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Airyn Ruiz Bell
Place of Birth:Philippian
Occupation:Celebrity Wife
Net Worth:$1 million
Husband/Spouse:Art Bell

Early Life and Education

In 1984, Airyn Ruiz Bell was born in the United States where she grew up.

Airyn Ruiz Bell may have had a sibling to share her upbringing with, or she most likely was raised alone.

Airyn is Asian-American and has Filipino nationality. Because she hasn’t disclosed her precise birthdate, her horoscope is unknown. She practices Christianity as her faith.

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Airyn Ruiz Bell Biography
Airyn Ruiz Bell husband
Airyn Ruiz Bell and husband


Although Airyn Ruiz Bell hasn’t yet disclosed her line of work, she shot to fame after weding Art Bell. She did, however, also enjoy tremendous fame as a result of the conflict with radio commentator Michael Savage.

Airyn Ruiz Bell sued him, accusing him of a couple of fictitious marriages, court cases, a trial, and seeking damages.

Art Bell, her spouse, was a well-known figure in American culture. He was a broadcaster, an author, and a conspiracy theorist.

In addition, Art founded and hosted the paranormal radio shows Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland. To spend more time with his family, he took early retirement from his work in 2015.

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Nothing further is known about Airyn’s professional background.

Airyn Ruiz Bell Net Worth

Airyn Ruiz Bell is a popular Filipino internet personality and celebrity wife who has an estimated net worth of about $1 million.

Personal Life

A married woman named Airyn Ruiz Bell wed her husband Art Bell. When Airyn was 22 years old, the pair wed in secrecy. American radio host, producer, and broadcaster Art Bell was also a creator.

Ruiz was not the first wife he had been married to. He had previously been married and had two divorces. He has three children from his three-year marriage to Sachiko Toguchi, including Lisa Pontius Minei and Vincent Pontius.

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Then, following his divorce, he marries Romona Lee, however their union was short-lived because Romana passed away from asthma.

He had two failed marriages before finding happiness with Airyn.

Their union is blessed with Asia Rayne and Alexander William Bell, two children, were born to the couple.

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