Oniwinde Adedotun Biography: AbokiFX Owner, Age & Net Worth


Here is Oniwinde Adedotun biography with relevant information you need to know about the owner of AbokiFX.

AbokiFX is a currency exchange rate platform in Nigeria which is one of the source of information regarding finance.

Oniwinde Adedotun Biography

Olumide Oniwinde Adedotun is a Nigerian online publisher, financial expert and the owner of AbokiFX.

He came into spotlight in September 2021, after the Central Bank of Nigeria reportedly placed him under investigation for alleged infractions.

Oniwinde Adedotun Age

As at the time of writing this biography, his age wasn’t made known.

What is AbokiFX?

AbokiFX Limited is a platform which tracks foreign exchange rates across the country.

abokiFX was founded in 2014 by a Nigerian, Oniwinde Adedotun. The platform has been useful to Nigerians who wants to know the current exchange rate.

AbokiFX Owner Net Worth

Oniwinde Adedotun is a top internet personality and financial expert, he has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

CBN abokiFX Limited Investigation

In September 2021, the central bank of Nigeria ordered for the investigation of Oniwinde Adedotun, the CEO of abokiFX over reporting of different exchange rate rather than the CBN approved rate.

Much information was not revealed about Oniwinde Adedotun early life and career, we will sure update this post once we have more information.

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