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Natasha Aughey, born March 18, 1993, is a Canadian professional bodybuilder, fitness model, YouTuber, entrepreneur, trainer, and social media influencer. She came into the spotlight through her fitness career which earned her recognition. Natasha Aughey was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Natasha Aughey
Date of Birth:March 18, 1993
Place of Birth:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
State of Origin:Ontario
Occupation:Fitness Model
Net Worth:$5 million
Natasha Aughey Biography

Early Life and Education

Natasha Aughey was raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she was born.

She started her fitness adventure and developed a passion for the gym when she was in high school.

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Natasha Aughey continued her education after high school to earn her CanFitPro Certified Level 1 Trainer certification as a personal trainer, which she used to supplement her income from social media with.


Natasha Aughey began working out after graduating from high school. She started doing some cardio, but she wasn’t lifting any weights at the time.

She fell in love with fitness after working out for a few years in the gym. But she saw that her physical development was not going very well.

She consequently started asking more seasoned athletes in the gym for assistance.

She began lifting weights after seeking advice from more seasoned professionals. Her hard work quickly resulted in a toned body.

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Natasha Aughey had become a social media sensation and fitness icon by the age of 23.

Natasha Aughey Net Worth

Natasha Aughey Net Worth

Natasha Aughey is a popular Canadian model and fitness enthusiast with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Personal Life

There are no information regarding the relationship information of Natasha Aughey. She is not yet married and it’s not clear if she has a boyfriend.

She makes an effort to eat nutrient-dense foods despite not adhering to any weekly diet programs. Some of Her favorite dishes is Rice, chicken, and green vegetables. Natasha frequently prepares healthier versions of indulgent foods.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @natashaughey_
  • Twitter: @natashaughey
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