Jessica Cox Biography, Age, Husband, Armless Pilot, Awards, Guinness World Record, Net Worth, Instagram, Wiki

Jessica Cox Biography
Jessica Cox, Guiness World Record Holder

Jessica Cox Biography

Jessica Cox is best known for being the world’s first armless pilot and the first armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. Her accomplishment earned her a Guinness World Record medal, invitations from six continents, and appearances on television shows such as Ellen, Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, the Oprah Winfrey Network, CNN, CBS Evening News, and the BBC.

Jessica is also a certified scuba diver as well as a motivational speaker who believes in a future where people passionately pursue their dreams with the resilience to overcome any challenge.

She always believed she could do anything thanks to the foundation her parents instilled in her. Her mother always told her there are no limits to what she can do and what she can be.

Wiki Profile

Full Name:Jessica Cox
Date of Birth:February 2, 1983
Place of Birth:Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States.
Occupation:Motivational Speaker, Pilot and Scuba Diver
Net Worth:$120 million
Husband/Spouse:Patrick Chamberlain (m. 2012)

Early Life and Education

Jessica Cox was born on February 2, 1983 in Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States.

When Jessica was born, both of her parents (Inez Cox and William Cox) were astounded to discover that their child lacked arms.

They had no idea she would be born differently because all of the pregnancy tests came back normal. Jessica’s mother, Inez, struggled to accept the shocking and unexpected news and became quietly concerned about Jessica’s future.

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Jessica’s parents decided to integrate her as much as possible into a regular environment. She attended a public school rather than a private or special needs school. She did what the other kids did, never thinking she was any different.

However, Jessica felt restricted on the playground during recess because the people around her were overprotective and prevented her from climbing up the slide. Jessica sat on the swings, enraged and frustrated, daydreaming of flying.

Jessica grew up with prosthetic arms, which she had to practice with countless hours of after-school therapy. She could carry things with her prosthetic limbs, but she never connected with them and preferred to do everything with her feet.

Jessica decided to stop wearing her prosthetic arms after 11 years and embrace her differences.

Jessica enrolled for a degree program at the University of Arizona where she graduated with a degree in Psychology and Communication.


Motivational Speaking

She became an inspiration to many because of the challenges she overcame. Jessica recognized that her words and experience are a natural source of encouragement and optimism for many people, which inspired her motivational speaking business.

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Jessica continues to travel the globe motivating people to overcome their perceived limitations with her inspirational speeches.

With Jessica’s experience speaking to audiences in 23 countries, she codified her message into Possible Thinking and the Achieve Model.

Airplane Flying

She decided to take flight lessons around the same time to overcome her greatest fear: flying. Jessica became a certified pilot after three years of hard work, becoming the first woman to fly an airplane with her feet.

Jessica Cox took her first solo flight in a single-engine plane in 2004 with Wright Flight. Jessica received her pilot’s license on October 10, 2008, after three years of training, and is now certified to fly a light-sport aircraft up to 10,000 feet.

Her flight training was funded by an Able Flight scholarship, and she soloed under the supervision of Parrish Traweek.

Cox was given a 1946 Ercoupe 415-C (Serial number #3153) with tail number N26R in 2019. She has stated that she will use the plane to promote the mission of Rightfooted Foundation International of “disability does not mean inability.”

In July 2020, Cox flew retired Senator Tom Harkin near Washington, DC to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Senator Harkin introduced the ADA to the United States Senate in 1990.

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Taekwondo Black Belt

Jessica Cox Biography
Jessica Cox fighting Taekwondo

Cox began taekwondo training at the age of ten at a school in her hometown of Sierra Vista. She received her first black belt at the age of 14.

Cox resumed her Taekwondo training at an American Taekwondo Association (ATA) club on campus while attending the University of Arizona.

In order to assist future students without the use of arms, the instructors developed an entire training curriculum by modifying ATA standard material. Cox, for example, uses a knee strike instead of a punch.

Cox has since earned her ATA second and third degree black belts. Cox was also named the 2014 Arizona State Forms Champion. She did not compete in the ring of special abilities.

Cox earned his fourth degree black belt in 2019.

Cox published Disarm Your Limits, an autobiographical self-help book, in 2015 in order to inspire people to overcome their own challenges through the lessons she has learned in her life.

Personal Life

Jessica Cox Biography
Jessica Cox Exchanging Wedding Vows with Husband, Patrick Chamberlain

Jessica’s Taekwondo hobby led her to meet Patrick Chamberlain, a Taekwondo instructor. Jessica got married in 2012, and she now wears a wedding anklet on her left ankle.

Jessica Cox Net Worth

Jessica Cox is a trained and certified pilot and she has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Jessica Cox notwithstanding her lack of arms from birth, has been a successful motivational speaker who has travelled over 23 countries motivating people to be resilient in achieving their dreams.

Social Media

Instagram: @rightfooted

Twitter: @jess_feet

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