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Many people don’t know Femi Bamisile. Although the wife is a popular celebrity, little is revealed about the husband.

Femi Bamisile Biography: Who is Femi Bamisile?

Femi Bamisile is a legal practitioner, the husband of popular comedienne Helen Paul, also known as Tatafo. Helen Paul’s husband is a successful lawyer who prefers to keep his life out of the media.

Helen Paul Husband

Femi Bamisile biography
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Helen Paul Husband
Helen Paul family

Helen Paul’s family is a happy one. She is married to Femi Bamisile, and their union has been blessed with two children.

Their marriage took place in 2010 after they met at the office where Helen Paul was working.

Helen Paul’s former boss, Femi Bamisile, was a friend. They became friends after Helen made the step.

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Femi Bamisile Net Worth

Femi Bamisile is a legal practitioner married to a popular female comedian although his net worth has not been estimated.


Much is not known about Femi Bamisile compared to the wife, Helen Paul who is known for her comedy.

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