Every woman should own sex toys – Actress April Muse says

Actress April Muse

Actress April Muse said every woman should own sex toys as it reduces infidelity, the 30-year-old actress made this known in an interview with
QedTV .

April Muse stated that every woman should own sex toys as one’s partner may not always be around.

She further revealed that it helps maintain her relationship with her boyfriend.

“I think every woman should have it. It saves you from promiscuity. It helps your marriage and relationships because it is not every time your guy has the manpower or the output, so you just have to help yourself one way or the other. And, to an extent, it doesn’t make you go sleeping around.

It helps me maintain my relationship between my quy and I, so I don’t really have to go anywhere and I don’t really have to be everywhere like that. So you just chill and respect your orgasm.”

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