SHOCKING! Watch Singer Sophia Urista urinates on male fan on stage


Singer Sophia Urista pulls down her underwear live on stage and urinates on a male fan’s face during festival set 

American singer, Sophia Urista gave the audience at Welcome to Rockville festival a huge surprise as she performed on stage.

While performing on stage during the Welcome to Rockville festival at the Daytona International Speedway, Florida, Sophia Urista from band, Brass Against, pulled down her underwear and urinated on a man’s face.

Singer Sophia Urista was performing a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s song, Wake Up, when she invited the man from the front row to come up on stage for a “golden shower”.

The male fan who appeared happy after he was invited, lay down on the stage and let the urine flow onto his body.

Watch the video below:

This video will make you laugh

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