Policeman kills 14-year-old girl while struggling for iPhone with a suspect

Policeman kills 14-year-old girl while struggling for iPhone with a suspect 1

The Nigerian Police reportedly kiss a 14-year-old school girl as bullets accidentally discharged from an officer’s rifle in an incident which occurred in Adamo area of Ikorodu yesterday.

According to the Twitter user, Fabian Mani, the incident happened when policemen were raiding pedestrians in the area.

They arrested a young man who was being questioned on why he owned an iPhone if he wasn’t a ‘yahoo boy’.

The argument led to a misunderstanding which made one of the policemen carelessly fire his gun and immediately fled the scene leaving their vehicle behind.

Some aggrieved residents are also reported to have set the police trucks ablaze.

The man tweeted:

A police man just killed a young girl this even in my area. They stopped people at the bus stop to search, for whatever reason, they got a guy’s iPhone. And insisted he’s a yahoo boy because he uses an iPhone. The guy struggled with them to get his phone.

One of the policemen Carelessly took of the safety from his gun an mistakenly fired and the bullet went straight to a little girl of 14 yes, that was by her mums shop washing dishes. She was still in her uniform. What was her crime?? I’m so sad right now

However the police gave another narration of the incident:

According to Sunna’s, a witness, Ben Ndakat, said the policemen had stormed the Adamo area on an evening raid of suspected criminal hideouts.

Ndakat said as some suspected hoodlums were running away for fear of being arrested by the police, the cops started firing at the suspects but a stray bullet hit the young lady.

“I wonder the type of training the police authorities give to their policemen; how could they be firing in the midst of people? They should have known that those who they were chasing were using innocent people as shield.

I watched how the girl, who was on her own, slumped and died after being hit by the bullet”, the witness said.

command’s Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Bala Elkana, confirmed that a girl was shot dead.

“Yes, a young girl was shot dead by a policeman from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, Panti. I don’t want to preempt their motive to the area, but I believe they were there on surveillance. The policeman who fired the shot is in our custody. We are investigating the matter.

He said,

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