Mother reunites with her daughter she hasn’t seen in 13 years (video)

Mother reunites with her daughter

A video showing the heartwarming moment a Mother reunites with her daughter, who she hasn’t seen in 13 years, has been shared online.

To make it more awesome, it was the daughter’s 18th birthday and her mother decided to pay her a surprise in school.

On sighting her mother, the young lady screamed in shock and ran off for a bit before running back to embrace her mother, crying.

The lady was also introduced to her younger brother who she’s never met before.

The mother wrote on IG:

Happy new year people, 2020 will be a glorious year for us??….i will love to share my lovely story with you….After 13 years without seeing my daughter I finally managed to see her and it was her 18th birthday… it was surprised package ? ? and this was her reaction. She also meet with her brother for the first time….
To those whose parents have been gone for long, don’t lose hope! Gods timing is the only timing you can trust ?….and to you parents don’t abandon your responsibilities. It will pay back in the end. God bless you all ?…..My Best videoclip of the year

Mother reunites with her daughter

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