Meet Nigerian Idol Season 7 Contestants 2022 (Top 12 Contestants)


It is no more news that the Nigerian Idol Season 7 Contestants for the 2022 edition of the prestigious show have been unveiled.

With many people waiting for this great news to know the top 10 Nigerian Idol contestants, the list is finally out with additional two contestants who will be showing the world what they’ve got.

After the audition which had over hundreds of participants, the top 12 Nigerian Idol contestants were able to sail through to the main event.

What is Nigerian Idol?

Nigerian Idol is the local version of the Idol series franchise. It is a platform where talented upcoming musicians show their talent in the presence of experienced judges.

The show is the second Idol franchise for the country as it was already part of Idols West Africa which was also shot and produced in Stockholm, Sweden

The Live Shows will be open to public Voting to determine who goes home with the prestigious prize.

Nigerian Idol Season 7 Theatre Week

During the Theatre Week, 25 contestants were asked to go home after the first eviction round, with the remaining 50 hoping to proceed to the second round.

The contestants were paired and asked to select a song to rehearse for at least 24 hours for the second round.

Meet Nigerian Idol Season 7 Contestants (2022)

After the audition and tense moments; twelve contestants successfully emerged and were ready for the show ahead.

Below are Nigerian Idol 2022 contestants who are set to battle it out on the big stage and go home with the great prize.

  1. Gerald

Gerald is an artist and singer who was able to impress the Judges with his amazing musical ability, which helped him push ahead during his Solo Audition.

Music, art, and travel are his keen interests. Out of all these, he has always known music was his true calling because he has always had the urge to sing almost anywhere and at any given chance.

  1. Abigail

Her sonorous voice stood out right from the first stage of Auditions and carried her right to the end. She has always known she wants to be a singer right from childhood and luckily had the support of her parents.

  1. Jordan

Jordan had the Judges amazed by his vocal ability right from his first Audition and got a standing ovation at most of his subsequent performances at Theatre Week. Jordan knew he wanted to be a singer because it is the only way he finds true expression of who he is.

  1. Itohan

 Itohan wowed the Judges with her proficiency at playing the keyboard while singing at the same time. Her singing ability was almost unquestionable right from the Auditions. She is looking forward to the euphoria of performing in front of her fans and everyone who has supported her.

  1. Banty

She surprised the Judges with her soulful voice which they didn’t see coming and continued to give superb performances back to back. She started singing when she was 8-years-old and has performed mainly at church since then.

  1. David Operah

David Operah pulled out all the stops as a performer at every stage of the Auditions and Theatre Week and his voice mixed with an unmissable swagger, became a winning combination. David started singing at the age of eight. He performs at weddings, birthdays, as well as corporate events.

  1. Zadok

Zadok’s unique tone and powerful timbre made him one to look out for right from the Auditions and he definitely made sure to use his abilities to get to the top. Entertainer and businessman Zadok started singing a few years back and does that everywhere.

  1. Faith

She had come to the Auditions with the main aim of getting a glimpse of Simi, but she ended up doing more than that and ultimately snagged a spot in the Top 12. She started singing in her church choir in 2016 and decided it was the path for her because she finds so much happiness in music.

  1. Progress

Progress’ range stood out amongst many of his peers and that vocal dexterity carried him through the Auditions, then Theatre Week, and then straight to the Nigerian Idol Top 12. After going to a musical competition at the age of 16, Progress knew instantly that he wanted to be a singer.

  1. Debby

She couldn’t believe she was on TV during her Audition, but it seems she is going to be on screen a bit longer because her talent took her through all the rounds of Auditions and straight to the Top 12. Debby keeps her passion for music alive by constantly performing on social media, church, and lounges.

  1. Precious

Precious’ tone was a delight to hear at the Auditions and it definitely helped the Judges in making the tough decision of placing her in the Nigerian Idol Top 12. She was sure her calling was music at the age of 16, and has since then performed at weddings, birthdays and concerts.

  1. Joel

He came for the Auditions with the aim of making his late father proud and this he achieved as he battled through all the rounds to earn a spot in the Nigerian Idol Top 12. His interest in music has led him to perform at church, school, events and anywhere the opportunity presents itself.

Nigerian Idol season 7 judges

Host: IK Osakioduwa

Judges: D’Banj, Simi and Obi Asika

How much is Nigerian Idol Prize Money?

The organisers have announced that N100 million prize is up for grabs in the Nigerian Idol season 7 edition which premiered on February 6, 2022.

What do you think about Nigerian Idol Season 7 Contestants (2022)

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