Lady runs mad after she was dropped from a car in Delta State (Video)

lady runs mad

A woman has reportedly gone mad after alighting from a car driven by suspected ritualist in Sapele area of Delta state.

According to reported by a journalist in the town, the woman is a runs woman well known in the area as she regularly hustles at a spot referred to as ‘two bottles joint’ in Koko area of Sapele.

The lady was reportedly seen with the sum of N200,000 and an iPhone which according to the report, was taken away from her by the area boys.

Sharing the story, he wrote :

“According to reports, this woman na runs woman wey dey hustle for Madam two bottles joint for Koko. Our findings show say some guys carry her go doke for Benin, and dem leave her with 200k and iPhone. Dem carry her con dump for Boyo Road Sapele, just as dem dump her nai she start to dey kolo. Boys don move with the 200k and iPhone wey dem see for her hand.

This na situation report as we go keep unu posted with more details subsequently.”

Watch the video below:

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