Kenechukwu Okeke Death: Wife narrate how husband was killed


Controversial human rights activist and ardent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Comrade Kenechukwu Okeke, has been reportedly killed by his tenant in Anambra State.

He was allegedly macheted seven times in his compound, poured fuel on him then put fire on his body.

Okeke was killed in Nkpor, close to Onitsha, Anambra State, in the presence of his wife, Mrs Blessing Odinakachi Okeke and his little daughter.

The wife narrates how he was killed, she wrote:

“Kenechukwu Okeke was killed by his tenant. The tenant, Chiadiobi was living in our house, but when he packed out without our knowledge and asked that to be given two months of his rent that he left, we told him he should have notified us that he was packing out.

“My husband was not around the day he came, but I told him he packed out of the house without our knowledge and should not be given back any money.

“He threatened to deal with us, saying he will teach my husband a lesson.

“I called my husband and told him what the boy said and that he should not come to confront him, since they say he is a bad boy”.

“My husband later reported the matter to the DSS and to the police, and he was made to write an undertaking, but he was still coming to terrorise us. Sometimes, he will come to our house and break open the gate and come in and pick whatever he wanted to pick.

“One day, he came to our house and my husband confronted him without knowing that he had many boys with him downstairs, and before my husband could do anything, they macheted him, and the fuel we wanted to pour into our gen, they poured it on him and lit him up and that was how my husband died.

“That day was Sunday and not everyone was around, and the few people around tried to quench the fire and also stop it from burning our house, and later we took him to hospital in Enugu, and that was how he died.”

Okeke’s wife further stressed that the killer of her husband is still in the compound, bragging on how he dealt with Okeke.

“He even recently confronted my husband’s mother, warning her that he heard that she is taking the matter up, and was warning her to be careful. The boy is still free, going around and without remorse, and we are just left alone to do the arrangements of the burial.

“Up till now, he has not been arrested, even though we took him to police and DSS, and he was made to write an undertaking that he will not disturb us again, but he has finally killed him.

“I do not even understanding the police on this matter. I’m confused. The boy is behaving like he is untouchable, and everyone is saying that he is a bad boy and we should be careful. We live in Nkpor, near Onitsha, Tarzan junction.”

Recall that Okeke previously sued 50 promoters and sponsors of the EndSars protest.

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