Facebook doesn’t have any deal with Donald Trump – Mark Zukerberg

Facebook doesn't have any deal with Donald Trump - Mark Zukerberg 1

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has denied having any type of deal with Donald Trump

Mark Zukerberg said his company does not have any deal with the US President, after the social media company refused to toe Twitter’s line by fact checking and censoring the president’s social media posts.

This comes in response to concern over his relationship with the president, which has remained cordial despite worries about the president’s use of social media. 

Recall that in 2019 Trump hosted Zuckerberg for a secret dinner at the White House.

Deal with Donald Trump
Mark Zukerberg Donald Trump

The dinner came just a week after Zuckerberg made a speech confirming that Facebook would not fact-check political ads.

Facebook’s refusal to remove Trump’s response to protests in Minneapolis against racist police violence where he said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” has cost the company.


Some employee of the company resigned and advertiser boycotts because of the company’s stance.

Meanwhile Mark Zukerberg has come out to reacts and defend his company stance.

“I’ve heard this speculation, too, so let me be clear: There’s no deal of any kind,” Zuckerberg said

“Actually, the whole idea of a deal is pretty ridiculous.” he added

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A venture capitalist Roger McNamee who was an early investor in Facebook, told The New York Times last month that he believed the two billionaires had a deal or agreement.

McNamee said the arrangement was “probably implied rather than explicit” and “highly utilitarian,” but mutually beneficent all the same.

“It’s basically about getting [Facebook] free rein and protection from regulation. Trump needs Facebook’s thumb on the scale to win this election.” McNamee said

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