Coronavirus is not deadly compared to Malaria and Typhoid – Seyi Shay

Coronavirus is not deadly

Nigerian female singer, Seyi Shay has reacted to the Coronavirus pandemic stating that the Coronavirus is not deadly compared to Malaria and Typhoid.

In her tweet, she questioned why the government haven’t done something about malaria and Typhoid that people are getting every week instead go try to tackle Coronavirus.

She wrote;

So wait… is corona virus more deadly than malaria? And why cant our government do something about malaria and Typhoid that people seem to be getting every week out here? Or is that just a WHOOOOLE ‘nother story??

Ok, so its contagious BUT is it more deadly? This one that everyone is forgetting that people have been and are still dying from Malaria and typhoid… daily! #jedimindgames

Why so much hate??? Maybe if u asked more questions instead of following the crowd… pots calling kettles black #jedimindtricks

Look, Basically, Just wash your fucking hands, stay at home and if u can not reply my tweets without sounding sad, hateful and sick , block YOURSELF and fuck right off #goodmorning

I’m also saying that Covid-19 is apparently NOT even as deadly as common influenza to the average healthy person ! But u will not go and study, research, seek knowledge listen to real fucking news! Just jumping on wagons and excited to be a part of ‘Jedi mind tricks’ awon werey!

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