Church refuses to officiate burial because the man stopped paying tithe 3 years ago

paying tithe

A church has refused to officiate the burial of a man because the deceased stopped paying tithe 3 years ago.

According to Social media user, Kelvin Odanz, who revealed that a man who is his father’s colleague recently died but his church refused to officiate his burial claiming that the deceased stopped attending the church and paying tithe 3 years ago.

Odanz shared on his page:

A colleague’s father died and their church (name withheld) is refusing to officiate the burial.They claim he stopped attending the church and paying tithe 3 years ago.

And if the church must bury him, the family has to pay all the tithe he didn’t pay in the last 3 years. 🤦🤦

I am utterly enraged and disgusted at the hypocrisy and greed that underlies religious practices in this country. At the end of the day, it is all about money even for the most pious of men of God. Fucking greedy exploitative idiots, cashing out on the rot in this country.

When the pastor needs help, wants to build a church or buy a car, the entire church contributes for such projects. But when you get sick and are at the verge of dying, the church merely offers you project. And when you die, they look for ways to profit from your death. Idiots

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